Friday, June 1, 2018

The soul retrieval

                                                             The Soul Retrieval
What is a soul retrieval? Well lets first come to an understanding of the soul. There are many books by many people That have many view points on the soul. Here I will explain the soul from the spiritual view points from the traditions I am trained in.

For many people they use the word spirit and soul interchangeably. This is not wrong they are in fact the same but they are different. Let me explain. One comes to realize at some point he is much more than the body and in fact we live beyond this material plane. For now lets agree that there is a casual plane that is the highest and there we have the majority of our “essence”. This essence or “spirit” is formless infinite self sustaining and pure. Nothing can corrupt it. It was never born and will never parish. It cannot be injured or ill’ed. And from here we project a “portion” a “sliver” of our formless self down into the denser realms all the way into the physical. This portion has all the traits of the pure “essence” but now also has traits of the denser material realm as it is now part of that realm.

This is the part that is off the “essence” but is now manifest in the material and takes part of it as well is what we call the Soul. It partakes of all the denser realm and is subject to it as it is part of that realm “fused” if you will. So this part can be eroded like sand and rock, polluted and muddied like water. Yet it has more than just this material portion still, it has its higher portions interweaved.

Here the reader must contemplate these things and en-devour to experience these things as truth in himself.
Lets move on. As we have found that the projected part of the “essence” is now in the material dense realm we can see this “soul” as the physical body, The emotional/ astral, and the mental. All these live in the world of density and are subject to this realm and can be corrupted!

Now this corruption can take many forms and ways. But when it comes to a trauma of an intense magnitude or when you are a child and there is a significant situation which would seem traumatic because of your vulnerability. The soul which is the three levels of the body Takes a huge hit and like a “force field” takes damage. A piece retreats and the soul heals itself by filling the damage much like the skin heals and forms a scab from a laceration.

So this “damage” dosnt kill you, you might not even be too aware of it because it leaves virtually no physical evidence.
You may say well cant I get this piece back myself? The answer is yes. But it may take your whole life to heal through one or two missing pieces and you have 5 to 10. especially since you are almost completely unaware that there is damage or even where and def not what caused it. Why? Because you have scabbed it and you seem fine.

“well if im doing ok why do I need a soul retrieval any way?”
well If you are living a good life but still just are not happy even though you should be. If you have deep feelings of anger or hate, or depression even though life is good.
If you have trouble concentrating having to read the same thing over and over and still cant retain it. If you have ever been blacked out or unconscious. If you have experienced a Major illness from disease or accident. All these things are just some of the many symptoms that you may need a Soul retrieval.

You see The SOUL has a song a vibration that it gives off that it resonates at a frequency. When it has all its pieces it can be filled with the joy and peace of its full potential and purpose. But when it has pieces missing it is flat like an out of tune instrument. The song is low and less then its harmonic potential.

So when the shaman goes ant journeys (and by journey I do not mean simply meditating with a drum. The shaman can actually leave or “dislodge” his body and take flight with his other senses.)
he travels to a casual realm and finds those pieces that have been lost. He then brings those pieces back and puts it back into you on that causal level and it ripples down into the material realm. As it is law that if something in this physical world can affect your soul so can the soul affect the body as they are integrated.
Once the piece of the soul is back, you may not just get up and declare the most epic thing has happened to you. But you might. The process can be intense I have experienced it that way and also seen it. For some it is more subtler. It starts slow and happens gradual. You MUST go through changes after this there is no way you will NOT be AFFECTED! You most certainly will see the change but it may be in hindsight.
You can expect this like emotional changes, state of mind and more. I once had a client who seemed fairly meek and soft spoken. After three sessions the next time I saw her she was dressed to kill spoke loudly and clearly and glowed. All the men in the room couldn't help but look her way. She had most certainly became a whole new person. To this day she remains healthy and powerful and following her purpose. She went from one career to a complete 180 change of field in less than a year. Now not everyone will experience it so drastically. She certainly did not from the first session. But by the third she had retrieved enough to become the person that she had wanted to feel,be,and act like.

If you feel you may want to explore this as a healing modality for yourself then please contact me for a consultation at Michaelphoenixheart.Net

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The difference of True KNOWING and Knowing

                                       The difference of True KNOWING and Knowing

What I have found in my many years working and living in the metaphysical movement and spiritual movements of the 20th century as a professional is that most people who hold the title as spiritualists take in all sorts of spiritual books, seminars, and various other “knowledges” and wisdoms, most of them taught by people like themselves who are not proficient in a craft or who have no mentors or fountains of wisdom as they are called in the east. And continue to teach other or perpetuate falsities, the subjects of new age buzz craze pseudo philosophies, and half truths to there fellow spiritualists some times in the attempt to secure there own place in recognition as a spiritual being among there peers. They will claim all sorts of “knowings” from there “guides” or the book they just read thats popular on the opra list. But Enlightenment, and knowing has never come out of a book and made a saint, a prophet, or a highly attained person ever!!!

What I have Witnessed for years is a perpetuation of false knowledge or half truths in this world and it is in the spiritual worlds as well. The best thing one can do is make sure that those they learn from actually are learned themselves from people that are actually educated in the field they are teaching. For one does not want to learn the dis-arming of explosives from anyone other than an expert. One of the ways is to ask who there teachers are, or the sources of there wisdoms. A well taught , humble, and authentic person will disclose there education and not get defensive.

Now many “self taught” people will undoubtedly be upset with this article. But my aim is not to discredit but to show rational truth even in the spiritual light. And there are always the rare exception though it is extremely RARE! A mentor of mine in the shamanic world said “ Michael always tell the people you teach, were your knowledge came from, rather it was from books, teachers, spirits, dreams or what ever that is. Give them the ability to choose if they want to learn what you have to give” This was powerful to me and I took it to heart as it is what I would want from a teacher, Transparency and honesty.

The truth is it is rare to find those that have spent adequit time with ONE subject let alone several. And there is a difference not often seen, or thought about between different types of spiritualists, and those that are initiated and adept in there particular sphere of spiritual work. There is a distance as vast as an ocean between those two kinds of spiritual people and the knowledge they hold.

A lot of people ask me about enlightenment and how does one “Know” when they are enlightened. One of my masters said to me when I asked that same question “you will know!” this is vary cryptic and took a couple years of meditation and dialectic contemplation before I “Knew”

Many spiritual people will say that they “know” something. Like I know that I am not this body. But rare is it that spiritual seekers are deep divers on ONE subject, if divers at all, and even more rare is the true philosophical diver! Knowing is part of enlightenment, it is one of those things that puts more “ air in the balloon” if you will. That makes it rise higher and higher. It can be seen as its own attainment and when one “knows” about “knowing” they find it on there way more and more in there spiritual evolution.

There are many forms of things that people call enlightenment. Here are a couple that are liken to enlightenment but are not the actual thing. Equally as important and attainments in there own right. From lowest to highest, Deja vu ,“AHA” moments, Mentanoia, Realizations, Knowing, Gnosis. All of these can be on a subject or about ones self. These are just a few of the links in the chain. There are varying degrees of each of these before getting to the actual Gnosis of the thing.
I will not en-devour to define each of the terms above one can do there own research here.

So there is a difference between Knowing and “Knowing” something and its not easy to define. But lets give two examples. When someone says “i know ive been here before” like in deja vu and “ I know im one with god and the universe” this is implying two kinds of knowing. One is something that you “Know” with every fiber of your being, and the other implies knowing something with the mind.
These are two obvious kinds of knowing if you have experienced them both. One is a knowledge that comes seemingly from withing and permeates all that is outside you. Your flesh, your senses, your mind and so on. The other is more local. It exists in one place and does not permeate the “inner” space. So here we have a basis of definition.

We find that this “true knowing” comes from something beyond our five senses yet permeates them and pervades them. It affects the mind it does not have its origin in the mind! And this knowing is so deep that it makes a change on all three levels of the soul. Mental, Physical, And Emotional. Were the other kind of knowing is only in the mental sphere. So here we have a good idea of “Knowing “ something spiritually. It is something that has come from somewhere other than our minds, affects and changes us in all ways through the experience of it in our vary being, and brings us to a knew level!

Next time someone says they know something you will have a good basis of comparison.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Engagement and power, or the lack there of

                                                      THE ENGAGEMENT OF POWER

In some Hindu sects there is the belief that man has only so
many breaths before he dies. This could be the potential birth place of the
phrase “don’t waste your breath”. And also this could be a good initiative to
ponder were one is spending their emotional energy in one’s life. In some of
these same sects they believe that the breath is also related to the vital life
force of the human body and the aura.

On a clear and potent day in Coast Rica, were the sun was
warm the ocean smoothly lapped behind us and the air was a perfect temperature
to inhale easily and smoothly. A scene filled with vital earth energy, the kind
that when you feel it you understand how it nourishes everything. A mentor of
mine talked about ENGAGEMENT and POWER.
He spoke of first what power was in the native American
shamanic view of his tradition, and also how on a daily basis one looses and
gives this power away or is robbed of it either by default or un conscious action.
He talked about the ego battles between people in the work place, with neighbors
and at home. 

For example:
A husband comes home after a day of work and is emotionally
exhausted of his vital energy mentally and emotionally. Because his job has demanded
that he deal with upset costumers in a society were (The customer is always
right, WRONG) and on top of that his boss wants him to do more with less pay.
You probably relate to this picture. He comes home to his wife who is full of
love and has cleaned made dinner and took care of the children and when he gets
home with his depleted vital state asks were his robe is. She says probably
still in your laundry which I hadn’t had time to get to yet. The man begins to
get angry and point out all the things she hasn’t done yet and how it is
harming his way of life. 

The wife who is egger to fix this un-loving riff try’s
to fix the situation with no success The women falls asleep in the end drained,
and the man is now chipper and awake feeling good for the night. This is how
the man has replenished his resources, by unconsciously taking from his loving
wife, for in the minds of most married people, is that sense of “the other half”
or the partner that is supposed to “be there” for me . 

With this unconscious entitlement
he depletes her and wonders why she is always tired. This could lead her to
early metaphase or even chronic fatigue And other life force issues.
In this situation the women also gives her power away, and
also does not know why then she is drained. In this illustration we see the way
we engage and how it leaves us.( I will say here that this represents no shovenism,
that I have experienced and seen it the other way to were women drain men.)
So the thought and practice is, if one considers every engagement,
and chooses carefully which situations, conversations, Person, and timing of
his engagements. One will be less drained, more emotionally confident and centered,
and aware of the inter play of people who may be draining you in your life.

I will again highlight the unconsciousness of this emotional
and vital draining. Not all are aware of these things and some even when made
aware will unconsciously keep doing it. DO NOT demonize those that do it. Its
not something you can fix. What you can do is make decisions of who and what
YOU engage in and therefor heal yourself your life and possibly depletion

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Path to peace

Bob marley said "until there is international morality peace would be but a fleeting illusion to be persuade!"
 and in my observations of humanity it seems as though morality and Ethics is individual and not shared between any two people. I have found that having a system of ethics/morals to adhere to has brought me deep peace, love ,and respect for my fellow humans. It has brought me to a place of less stress, daly   blessings, and self discipline. it is a place were i wish all people could be. and yet  it is a place that is possible for all to get to it is easy!
By holding ones self to the highest standards in ones life, and not submitting to ones desires, or harming others or being inconsiderate to attain  ones desires, and instead living for something/ things higher than desire and emotional gratification. hear it becomes more than a "fleeting illusion" and more of a perceivable goal. rather its the yamas and niyamas of vedic and yogic traditions, or the right ways of living by the Buddhists, one can find a general blueprint for such ethics and morals to work with. And yet having said all of these things i think about how if government had imposed a moral code that it would never be upheld. But i believe and maybe its a dream. that if each person chose to find and exercise these "codes"  we would find that we could bring that dream of so many peace fighters like,Ghandi, martin luther king,jesus,Buddha Bob marley,John Lennon  and more have dared to fight and even give there lives for to a reality and existence would change. we have all sung the songs or poems they have left us, yet if those songs became our oath,our code, our way of life, we would be living the song! In harmonious rhythm with each other. i bow to those who read this and leave you with these words that are my blessing anywhere i go.

May love peace and joy be the rulers of your day.

Michael Phoenix Heart